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This Cafe Raven plate is featured in our story on restaurant china.

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Good things are happening this summer! We were asked to put together a very short feature on the charms of restaurant ware collecting by the good people at the Journal of Antiques & Collectibles. That came out the beginning of September. Click here to see our text and photos that we submitted for the issue: "Glazed and Confused."

And you might not know it, but for several years we've had a second online shop, Miss Cozy Lunch.

Over the summer we've had a chance to go through inventory at both shops, thin the herd a bit, and work on a tune up for Tygart Trading Post. We loved the graphics of the old shop but were doing a disservice to our phone and tablet customers by not designing the store with them in mind.

To complete the makeover, we've added Cozy Lunch's line of handmade broken china jewelry, flip-top bowls - and so much more - to Tygart Trading Post. Please check us out!

RIVER HOPPING 2017 | A week appeared in April completely free of obligations, so we grabbed it – loaded up the car with dogs and paraphernalia – and headed back to the mountains ... and the rivers. Mainly one river: The Ohio.

Both Southerners, we'd never gotten the chance to appreciate over the course of almost a week what a working river looks like. The coal breakers. The barges. And the joy of seeing the myriad bridges crossing it.

This year we backtracked to McNicol China in Clarksburg, W.V., to actually find it for sure this time, and moved on from there to Wheeling, Wellsville, East Liverpool, Bedford Heights (with a little side trip by Cleveland and Lake Erie) and ending in Zanesville.

As you'll see from the photos, it was a gray week that included a couple of thunderstorms, but the shards were there regardless, waiting for us! Click anywhere in this text for the link to the trip. Hope y'all enjoy it!

And back in the spring we completed a small loop of the Rust Belt, crisscrossing the Ohio River and driving through West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio in search of more forgotten pottery manufacturers and documenting what we found.

Thanks to the proximity of the old Walker China/Bailey Walker plant to Cleveland, we even got to dip our toes in the gray and icy Lake Erie.

Links to the trip are below the photos at right.

As always, we'd love to hear from you with your Carr China finds and memories of the company.

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