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Ed and Zephyr at the Carr site on the bank of the Tygart River.

All it took for me was one visit to the old Carr China site in Grafton, West Virginia, and I became an avid collector of Carr china and information on the plant’s history. I have created this website to help document and gather information about the Carr China Company and would welcome any additional information, photos or stories that site visitors might be willing to share.

My wife and I enjoyed our visit to the Grafton area in March of 2010, especially the beauty of the Tygart River Valley and the historic town and buildings of Grafton. In addition, we made the most of the opportunity to visit the many wonderful Italian restaurants in the vicinity!

We were lucky to be able to dig for shards along the river before the cleanup team from the EPA arrived later in the year to truck away the contaminated dirt and to seal the site in cement. In 2009, friends of ours from the Restaurant Ware Collectors Network also visited the site and contributed photos from their dig. Both trips are documented on this page.

If you have information or memories to share, are interested in selling or buying a piece of Carr China, or have a question about the site or a related subject, please send me an e-mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest, Ed Phillips






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