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Sample Plate 3

US 106th Infantry
Coat of arms of U.S. 106th Infantry – Fidelis Et Constans (Faithful and Constant)
American Legion Post 112
American Legion Post 112 – Jay Wilson Post - located in Madison, Ohio
Delta Tau Delta
Delta Tau Delta – college fraternity

Engineers Club of Philadelphia
Engineers Club of Philadelphia

IOOF topmark: Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, Grand Lodge of Maryland

Coat of arms of State of Pennsylvania
Virtue, liberty and independence –
Coat of arms of State of Pennsylvania

Richmond, Va., Public Schools
Richmond, Va., Public Schools – Shown is the seal of the City of Richmond: Sic Itur Ad Astra (Thus do we reach the stars)

Sigma Pi
Sigma Pi - college fraternity

Theta Kappa Nu
Theta Kappa Nu – social fraternity that merged in 1939 with Lamda Chi Alpha. Vir Quisque Vir Est (Every Man Is a Man or colloquially: We are all real men here)

Unknown ship logo
Unknown ship logo

U.S. Forest Service
U.S. Forest Service

Seal of Washington and Jefferson College
Seal of Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, Penn. Sigillum Collegii Washingtoniensis Et Jeffersoniensis

State seal of West Virginia
State seal of West Virginia: Montani Semper Liberi (Mountaineers are
always free)

Country Club of York
York, Pa.

Unknown logo

Friends Hospital
Friends Hospital, Philadelphia

LDS Hospital
Dr. W. H. Groves L.D.S. [Mormon] Hospital, Salt Lake City

Phi Charge
Theta Delta Chi fraternity's Phi Charge, at Lafayette College,
Easton, Penn

Believed to be the crest of one of the two fraternities that merged to form Phi Kappa Theta


Photos for this plate were contributed by Bill Montgomery from Judy Reed's collection of her father's designs. He was Carr designer Paul Mattson.


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