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Our thanks go to historian Larry Paul, who has put together a list of known distributors for Carr China, with several additions from us as well as colleagues at the Restaurant Ware Collectors Network. If you know of any others, we would as always welcome that information! (Names with links indicate bits of ephemera to see.)

America China & Glass, Cincinnati
L. Barth & Son, New York City
Bass & Bass, 336 Bowery, New York City
(found on backstamp of Lydia plate; company listed in Chilton Hotel Supply Index, 1922)
Bechtel, Lutz and Jost, Inc., Reading, Penn.
Carson Crockery, 1301 Wazee St., Denver
M. L. Brill & Co., Chicago
Chas. M. Werner & Sons Co., Detroit
Clark Store Fixtures, Flint, MI
Cullen's, Knoxille, TN
Dulin & Martin Co., Washington, D.C.
Duparquet, Huot & Moneuse, Inc., New York City
EL-BE (A trade name for L. Barth & Son)
Ezekiel & Weilman Co. Inc., Richmond, VA
Fisher, Bruce & Co., Philadelphia, PA
Fresch - Chadwell Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD
H. Friedman & Sons, Inc.
Hoskins, A. C., Morgantown, WV
 Hotel & Restaurant Supply Co. (H & R Supply Co.), Atlanta, GA
Huey & Philp Hardware, Dallas, TX
Ideal Restaurant Supply Co., New York City
Ira China Co., Chicago
James Co. T. M., Kansas City, MO
Jones, McDuffee & Stratton Co., Boston, MA
Kenyon, Glens Falls, NY
Kinnier, Montgomery & Company, Lynchburg, VA
Loubat Glassware & Cork Co. Ltd. (Loubat Equipment Co.), New Orleans, LA
MacDonald & Gehm, Inc., New York City
A. J. Marshall Co. Hotel Equipment, Detroit
Monongahela China & Glassware Co., Morgantown (?), WV
Mutual China Co. (Hollweg & Reese), Indianapolis, IN
Nathan Straus-Duparquet, Inc.
Polster Company, Louis R., Columbus, OH
Restaurant China Co., St. Paul, MN
S & W China, Clarksburg, WV
Shaw & Co., James M., New York City
Stearnes Co., The, Chicago
Steger - Showel Company, Inc., Toledo, OH
T.M. James & Sons, Kansas City, MO
Wichita China Co., Wichita, Kansas
William Ford Co. (W. S. Ford Co.), St. Louis, MO



Distributor Ephemera
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L. Barth & Son

Fisher, Bruce & Co.


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