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Sea Breeze Hotel / Motel

Sea Breeze Hotel, 16151 Collins Ave.

Sea Breeze Motel, 16151 Collins Ave. - mid-1950s postcard

Sea Breeze Motel ad circa 1961


The Sea Breeze Hotel was located at 16151 Collins Ave., in Miami Beach, Florida, as early as 1936, according to a Hotel Red Book. At some point, at least by the early 1950s, it became the Sea Breeze Motel and was in business - again, based on Hotel Red Books - through the 1960s.

The spelling of the Sea Breeze seems to have changed through the years, and at some time a few rooms were added, bringing it up to around 60.

There is no indication that it had a dining room but perhaps had a snack or tiki bar that required china.

From the looks of the two postcards below, it looks like what started out as the Sea Breeze Hotel was burned or razed to make way for construction of the Sea Breeze Motel. The two structures appear to be completely different - the older one with three stories and a solarium on the roof and the newer one with two stories and two buildings.

A web seach showed that a Sea Breeze Hotel at the same location was still open in at least the late 1990s with 166 rooms.





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