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Digging - page 2

The slideshow on this page shows a variety of the shards and other production-related materials that were unearthed from the Carr China site. Click here to return to the first page. (All photos copyrighted by their owners.)

  • The remains of the three beehive kilns on the site.
  • Thousands of these pottery strips were found. The best guess by an experienced potter is that they might have been used for stacking shims between pots in the kiln.
  • Various topmarks include Bowles Lunch, Triangle Diner, Rikers, White House Shops and the elusive bucking bronco pattern.
  • Portion of 1941 backstamp for 25 years of service.
  • The full backstamp for the 25 years of service.
  • Interesting topmark of White Clock Hamburgers, showing building similar to other diners of that era with the addition of a coffee cup on top.
  • The Triangle Diner opened in 1948 in Winchester, Va., and is still open in 2009. Patsy Cline worked there as a waitress. (http://www.mikestrianglediner.com)
  • Nobility pattern, Underglaze Print Pattern #6044.
  • Nobility pattern backstamp.
  • From left, Dayton (Underglaze Print Pattern #6054); Edith (Underglaze Print Pattern #6063); Hyde Park (Underglaze Print Pattern #6039); and one mystery pattern.
  • A variety of patterns, clockwise from top left: Empire (Underglaze Print Pattern #6037); Marine (Underglaze Print Pattern #6061); Delray (Underglaze Print Pattern #6052); Madeline (Underglaze Print Pattern #6058); and a mystery pattern.
  • Mishmash of backstamps.
  • Delray pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6052).
  • Delray backstamp.
  • Erwin pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6042).
  • EL-BE New York backstamp. Just as a note, there is some conjecture that EL-BE might stand for the distributor, L. Barth & Son.
  • Filigree pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6035).
  • Filigree backstamp.
  • Brooklyn pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6046).
  • Brooklyn backstamp.
  • New York backstamp from a 10", three-compartment grill plate.
  • U.S. Quartermaster Corps backstamp dated 1940. Lots of these backstamps were found, dating to before, during and after World War II -- mostly bowls, plates and watch mugs.
  • The Blues, clockwise from top left: Hyde Park (Underglaze Print Pattern #6039); St. Louis (Underglaze Print Pattern #7000) - some sources call this pattern Ellwood; Hyde Park again; and Sylvia (Underglaze Print Pattern #6028).
  • The Browns -  Row one (from top): Dresden (Underglaze Print Pattern #6060); row two: Harding (Underglaze Print Pattern #7010); row three: Erwin (Underglaze Print Pattern #6042); row four, from left: Underglaze Print Pattern #7003 and Empire (Underglaze Print Pattern #6037); and row five (from left): Dresden and Underglaze Print Pattern #6060.
  • Marine pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6061).
  • Distributor name.
  • Victoria China, one of Carr's trade names.
  • More browns, from top: Filigree (Underglaze Print Pattern #6035); Erwin (Underglaze Print Pattern #6042); and Ideal (Underglaze Print Pattern #6026-A).
  • Miscellaneous backstamps.
  • Loubat backstamp, a New Orleans distributor.
  • St. Louis backstamp from a 9 1/2", three-compartment grill plate in tan and white.
  • Various topmarks including Cleveland Athletic Club, the Seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Peddie School, located in Hightstown, N.J., which opened in 1864 ((http://www.peddie.org/podium/default.aspx?t=16400).
  • Two White Tower topmarks, Rikers and Hot Shoppes.
  • Clockwise from top left: Empire (Underglaze Print Pattern #6037); Hyde Park in green (Underglaze Print Pattern #6039); Hyde Park in blue (two shards); Sylvia (Underglaze Print Pattern #6028); two unknown patterns.
  • Plaid pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6051).
  • Various striped patterns.
  • Plaid pattern in blue and brown (Underglaze Print Pattern #6051).
  • Rho Dendra pattern in blue, pink and green (Pattern #2000).
  • A series of three cones were used when firing the ware to the correct temperature. One would be the guide cone, the middle one the firing cone and the third the guard cone. Each slumps as it reaches a different temperature.
  • Maythorne pattern in blue and green on white body and brown on tan body (Underglaze Print Pattern #6024).
  • Various backstamps.
  • Brooklyn pattern in red and blue (Underglaze Print Pattern #6046).
  • Cafe Brulot cup and saucer.
  • Onion pattern in red and blue (Underglaze Print Pattern #7006).
  • Various backstamps including the Carr shield used on Willow pattern.
  • Edith pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6063).
  • A Greek key pattern in red and green; pattern name and number are unknown.
  • Various patterns from top left: Dayton pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6054) in black - an unusual color for Dayton;  Preston pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6030); Sylvia pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6028); and Delray (Underglaze Print Pattern #6052).
  • Willow (Underglaze Print Pattern #7007) in pink and blue with the Carr shield backstamp.
  • Keene topmark on unfired piece.
  • Patterns from top: Ideal pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6026-A); Princess pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6056); and Nobility (Underglaze Print Pattern #6044).
  • Onion pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #7006).
  • Rho Dendra pattern (Pattern #2000) in pink, green and blue.
  • Madeline patter (Underglaze Print Pattern #6058).
  • Madeline backstamp.
  • Various backstamps including a portion of the Grafton Chop backstamp.
  • Rho Dendra pattern (Pattern #2000) in blue.
  • Brooklyn pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6046) in red on white, and a tan Brooklyn backstamp.
  • Various blue patterns, top row from left: Manhattan (Underglaze Print Pattern #6006) and Esquire (Underglaze Print Pattern #6026); row two: Delray (Underglaze Print Pattern #6052); row three: unknown line treatment; row four: Florence (Underglaze Print Pattern #6032).
  • Various patterns with lines and bands including the Virginia pattern on the top right (Underglaze Print Pattern #6059).
  • Patterns from top: Underglaze Print Pattern #7012) and Empire (Underglaze Print Pattern #6037).
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylania topmarks with an unknown Greek key-style border treatment in green.
  • Thompson's  Lunch Room (Underglaze Print Pattern #6003).
  • Various topmarks.
  • Portion of Grafton Chop backstamp.
  • A pottery cone, Rho Dendra shards and what is believed to be chunks of Rho Dendra-colored pink clay.
  • Mold for watch mug plus portion of watch mug shown on the mold.
  • Various topmarks including Henry Ford Hospital, Rikers, Elks.
  • Henry Ford Hospital, Bowles Lunch and White Tower (http://www.restaurantwarecollectors.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7499).
  • Harrods' topmarked cup - an unknown user - with a Virginia border (Underglaze Print Pattern #6059) and the St. Louis pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #7000), which is also known as Ellwood.
  • Various patterns.
  • Market Diner and other topmarks.
  • Willow grill plate and various shards.
  • Clockwise from top left: Riker's topmarked shard; Edith pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6063); Dayton pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6054); Onion pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #7006); and an unknown topmarked shard.
  • Clockwise from top: Edith pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6063); an unknown topmarked shard; and Manhattan pattern (Underglaze Print Pattern #6006).
  • Clockwise from top left: Maythorne (Underglaze Print Pattern #6024); Willow pattern in blue (Underglaze Print Pattern #7007); Underglaze Print Pattern #7003; White Tower topmarked shard; and the bucking bronco pattern (pattern name and number unknown).
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