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Mountain Hopping 2016:

Shenango plant
The view south as you cross over the railroad tracks from McCleary Avenue in New Castle. The plant stretches a very long way, nestled between the tracks to the west and the Shenango River to the east.
Shenango plant
Shenango plant
Shenango plant
Shenango plant
Shenango plant

Located at 606 McCleary Avenue, from looking at a larger map of the area, it might also be possible to access the plant by heading toward it north on Glass Street.

Click here for Google Street View. It doesn't get very close to the plant. From there you'd drive straight forward, across the tracks toward the smoke stack, and the plant is on the right.

Latitude and longitude: 41.007649, -80.3591019.

Shenango plant
Shenango plant

Above, very far from our favorite design, in the center is the mid-century stock pattern commonly known as Kon-Tiki. To our knowledge its true name has not been found.

Below, not at all PC but still a celebration of Shenango's heritage, sitting as it was on the bank of the Shenango River. We have eight of these for the holiday season.

Shenango plant
Shenango advertising display
Above, a Shenango shop display, and below, a large advertising plate – both from our collection.
Shenango Advertising Plate
Below, a youtube.com video - uncredited - published January 2017.

Above, news coverage of the June 2011 fire at the plant; there was another fire in May 2012. Below, published in 2015, the cast and crew of photoXplorers visit the abandoned Shenango China factory. And at the bottom of the page, the Mohr auction in 1992 at the Shenango plant.


Shenango was supposed to be the easy site to find since it was the only one for which we had a street address. And it was (606 McCleary Ave, New Castle, Penn.).

It was also easy to find a relatively obscure place to park without calling too much attention to us, though it is still an industrial area with a fair amount of activity. Because of that, we didn't try to walk into the plant (if that had been possible), and we didn't walk between the site and the Shenango River. Instead, we walked the length of the plant between the railroad tracks and the buildings.

Follow up: If you have time, don't leave this page without taking 18 minutes to watch the 2015 video embedded at the bottom as a team of photographers and videographers walked the site, documenting as they went. If you love process, you will be fascinated by it and you will see so much more of the ruins than we had access to!

And click here to read a brief history of Shenango.












































































































































Digging in West Virginia, Pennsylvania & Ohio

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