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River Hopping 2017:

Above, the McNicol site would have been just beyond these mailboxes on Water Street, and set back from the road against the base of a steep hill, shown below.
Above, Ed searching among the bricks at the remaining wall of the plant.
Below, a greenware mustard pot already backstamped, and one unknown shard on the left. On the right is the the green floral pattern used by the Veterans Administration and made by multiple manufacturers.
Above, identifiable patterns found were the Carlton pattern in green (also shown below on a plate in our collection), the floral Rose Marie pattern and the distinctive black and rust lines that are immediately recognizable to fans of railroad china as the Southwest pattern, which may or may not have been associated with Fred Harvey. (The Carlton pattern was also shown as Cornucopia in an undated McNicol Decoration Pattern Series catalog.)
McNicol China drawing and photo
Above, a drawing and plant photo taken from a McNicol catalog.
Click here for Google's Street View of the plant's location. It will be ahead and to the right. To the left, across the street in the grassy area, is where we found shards and bricks in 2016. Below, the site was bounded by Water Street, the PPG plant and Woodland Avenue. Latitude, longitude: 39.257893, -80.315316.
Below, a Carlton pattern plate topmarked for the New Celestial Chinese restaurant in Baltimore.
McNicol: New Celestial Chinese restaurant


We wanted to revisit McNicol – in Clarksburg – because we were so close last year but not quite there. Click here for the link to last year's visit.

There's a business on top of it now, but a back wall of the plant is still there, tucked up against a steep hill leading into a residential neighborhood.

There was standing water and squishy, slippery mud and algae almost everywhere we wanted to walk, with frogs calling back and forth and every now and then we disturbed them sunning themselves on a piece of pipe.

Unlike last year when we found a tiny handful of shards, this year – in the right spot – they were littered all over the ground.

The mud ... and shards.

The left side of the plant with houses set back from the top of this hill.

Next, on to Warwick in Wheeling.




















































































































Digging in West Virginia, Pennsylvania & Ohio

The Carr China site
Page 1: The grounds
Page 2: The shards
Page 3: After the first cleanup in 2009
Page 4: The final cleanup


Page 5: Mountain Hopping 2016
             Carr (again)          
Page 6: River Hopping 2017
             McNicol (again)
             Hall/Homer Laughlin
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