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Mountain Hopping 2016:

Zephyr, Tilde and Ed in front of the steps – outside the plant fence – that we believe is part of a monitoring system for the Tygart River (in the background).
Carr China
A bit of the Dayton pattern, along with fragments of Glo-Tan and blue and pink Rho-Dendra and lots of white-bodied shards.
Carr China
The site is located at the end of Freemont Street and Pottery Lane in Grafton, with the address shown as 230 Newcome Avenue, which apparently is Pottery Lane. Latitude and longitude: 39.319663, -80.025006.
Carr China
Carr China
Carr China
Carr China
Carr China
Carr China
Carr China
Below, George Cassell prepares his motor-assisted hang glider for takeoff from the Carr site, and below that, George in flight.
Carr China
Carr China
Carr China
Getting ready for Memorial Day in Grafton, these banners were hung in several locations around town.

In the five times we've been to the Carr site, there hasn't been a single time that we didn't have company of one sort or another. Mind you, that's not a complaint!

This time when we pulled into the driveway, we barely had time for a photo of the dogs and a short walk down to the river before George Cassell pulled in behind us. George is a Grafton native, and now that the site has been cleaned up by the EPA, he seems to be in charge of keeping the weeds mowed inside the chain-link enclosure that is now the remnants of the site.

That meant that rather than walking the perimeter we could go inside and check out what's left. Most interesting were the slabs of concrete with pieces of broken pottery embedded in them.

It's easy to find lots of pottery shards on the grounds, just not the whole pieces of ware (mostly bisque) that we found on our first trip in 2010.

While we were shard hunting, George fired up his motor-assisted hang glider and took off over the trees, making for one more fun and memorable trip to the Carr site for us.

































































































































































Digging in West Virginia, Pennsylvania & Ohio

The Carr China site
Page 1: The grounds
Page 2: The shards
Page 3: After the first cleanup in 2009
Page 4: The final cleanup


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